1. Call Congressman Conaway. His Midland office’s phone number is (432) 687-2390. Contact him about anything going on that concerns you. A guide on how to make effective phone calls to his office is found on page 23 of the Indivisible Guide.
  2. Attend local party meetings.
  3. Fax our Senators’ and Congressman’s office. The easiest way to do this is to use a free service called Resistbot. To use it, text RESIST to 50409. From there you can send a message that will be faxed to them.
  4. Register to vote. Go to to get a form to fill out and mail in.
  5. Set up a Google Alerts for Senator Cornyn, Senator Cruz, Congressman Conaway, Senator Seliger, and Representative Craddick so you know when they’re in the news. You can do this by going to this webpage.
  6. Read. Local news can be found in the Midland Reporter-Telegram, and good national news sources are the New York Times, Washington Post, and Politico.
  7. Listen. NPR is on the radio in Midland 91.3 FM.
  8. Go to town halls. A schedule of Congressman Conaway’s town hall meetings can be found here, and a guide for attendees is found on page 17 of the Indivisible Guide.
  9. Sign petitions. You can find online petitions at and
  10. Protest. We coordinate protests on our Facebook group and email list. Click join to be added to our email list.
  11. Contact advertisers on hateful websites. Hateful fake news websites, such as Breitbart, rely on ad money. Go to their website and contact their advertisers, through social media and phone calls, to request that they block websites like that from their ad buys.